If You Could Increase Your Potential Lifetime Retirement Benefits By $100,000 or MORE,

Would You Want to Know How? TM

With over 30 years of working with wealthy investors, we teach people how to focus on the same 10 keys steps used by the wealthy to maximize their lifetime benefits. Click the button below to get access to our FREE training.

We have all imagined what our retirement might look like...

For some, it is being able to stop working at a particular age and focus on other activities. For many, their vision will include family, hobbies, travel, relocation or maybe even a new career. Although everyone’s ideal retirement will look different, we all share the desire to have the necessary financial security to afford our dreams.

Today, people are genuinely fearful of running out of money during their lifetime. Their concern is valid because we are facing a very real retirement income crisis in America. Sadly, many retirees are facing a lifetime of increasing retirement expenses while relying on a Social Security program that is on shaky ground, the absence of a monthly pension check and the ever-growing income burden on their personal retirement accounts

Since the financial industry nor the political establishment have a solution for the growing retirement income crisis, we are faced with the harsh realization that each of us will be responsible for the ultimate success or failure of our individual retirement plans!

In order to maximize the lifetime value from our financial accounts, we will have to use a higher level of thinking about our money. We can no longer focus solely on the investment strategy for our wealth. We must explore all available opportunities to get the maximum lifetime value from our retirement and investment accounts!

If our goal is to maximize our wealth, let’s look to people who have been successful in that quest. Wealthy people understand and are focused on the long-term value from their financial decisions. They expect a higher level of planning and management. They look for multiple opportunities to create and retain their wealth.

Is it fair that wealthy and institutional investors are provided with a higher level of advice and strategies for their accounts while the average consumer accepts entry-level solutions? Is it possible that consumers could take advantage of these the same opportunities to maximize the lifetime benefits from their smaller portfolios?

The answer is a resounding yes! We have developed our Get MORE Retirement® education courses to help teach consumers and advisors how to take advantage of those opportunities.

The process begins with a simple question,

“If you could increase your potential lifetime retirement benefits by $100,000 or MORE, would you want to know how?”. TM

Answering this question provides our students with a focused goal and purpose- justifying their investment of time to learn how to transform opportunities into value.

Our program is unique in that it can benefit those who do their own financial management as well as those who work with advisors. We also offer a parallel education program to help advisors elevate their thinking to explore and include additional planning and management opportunities for their clients.

You may ask yourself how it is possible to actually improve someone’s existing planning to achieve that goal. Let’s turn to the wisdom of Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonalds. He once talked about how to achieve the goal of making a million dollars. He said that focusing on how to make a million dollars is a very hard and complex task that more often would end in failure.

He offered the alternative advice that it would be much easier to think of a way to make $1000 and to repeat the process 1000 times. By adjusting our focus, he made the task much easier.

The same holds true for maximizing lifetime retirement benefits. If we can apply a smarter planning to improve our single year results in 4 key opportunity areas (Risk, Fees, Taxes and Income) AND then apply that same planning repeatedly over 30 years of retirement, the goal becomes more attainable.

We have used the process with actual consumers over the past several years and have been successful at achieving that planning goal in over 80% of the cases.

With over 8 years of development and refinement, The Get MORE Retirement® program was designed to follow the wisdom of Albert Einstein when he said, “Try not to become a person of Success, but rather try to become a person of Value”.

We are creating that value by partnering with consumers to help them become more involved in their money thru actionable financial literacy. We are creating value by teaching advisors how to transition away from being salespeople and to become partners and educators unlocking opportunities for their clients.

Our seven-year goal is to partner with 2000 advisors nationwide each working with at least 250 consumers over that seven-year period. If we are able to achieve our planning goal of increasing the potential lifetime benefits for those consumers by $100,000 or more- that translates to a $50 BILLION impact for America’s retirees!


Bruce J. Smith III is one of America’s most innovative advisors on retirement income and tax planning. He is the former Vice-Chairman of a national investment firm and has served on a variety of investment and insurance industry boards. Bruce is a US NAVY veteran who served in the Nuclear Engineering department aboard submarines.

For over 30 years, he has consulted with thousands of people (including several hundred wealthy individuals) for their investment and retirement planning needs. Now, he has developed the Get MORE Retirement® program to share the 10 key steps used by the wealthy to maximize the lifetime value of their portfolios. This powerful new program helps educate both consumers and advisors on how to take advantage of opportunities that are often ignored or overlooked in investment-based plans. The Get MORE Retirement® program teaches consumers how to think like the wealthy and supercharge the lifetime benefits from all of their investment and retirement accounts!

Bruce is host for the popular Get MORE Retirement® radio program and is routinely seen on a variety of television networks. He has been profiled in Forbes®, Money®, Fortune® and Bloomberg Business® magazines.

The Get MORE Retirement® process is also used by an exclusive member network of financial professionals to help enhance their planning and communication process with consumers.